Saturday, December 12, 2009


So I just made nanaimo bars and they are the flipping best dessert in the world. Seriously, anyone in the U.S. who has never had one before, you are really missing out. I made them before for Paul for our 1 year anniversary and they were alright, but I just made them again and they are AMAZING. So proud of myself. So if anyone at Prin ever wants to try some, talk to me and I can hook you up. They are very filling though, which I guess in a way is good because it stops me from eating too many. Guylian chocolates on the other hand...I could eat a whole box in a day. Which is bad because they cost like 6 or 7 dollars a box. But dear god are they good. My far my favorite chocolates in the world.

So when I went shopping with my dad I bought some Burt's Bees because I ran out. But they didn't have the normal kind, so I bought the honey Burt's Bees. It flipping smells like baby powder, so I don't like wearing it because then I smell baby powder all day since my mouth is right under my nose. (Which you probably already knew) And let me tell you, after awhile, baby powder does not smell that good. So that was a waste of my dad's money. Sorry dad!


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